The Spider Trilogy Continues


The Gordian Web picks up where Guy Butler’s rousing first book, BALLS OF LEATHER AND STEEL, left off, featuring Polish resistance fighter Czeslaw Orlowski—The Spider—in an exciting new adventure.

When Germany invaded Poland in 1939, the Nazi regime tossed dissidents into labor camps to break the will of the people. Every day Czeslaw Orlowski, an orphaned teenager, fought for his life in the camps then escaped to become a thorn in the side of the oppressors. By the time the Nazis retreated to Berlin, the young Pole had instilled hope in his countrymen through the exploits of the legend known as The Spider.GordianWeb-Cover

With the pending Allied victory in Europe, Poland becomes a pawn played by the Soviet Union against the West. At the top of the NKGB’s agenda: find and crush The Spider. Hiding in plain sight on a farm in Western Silesia, for Czeslaw, his new bride and family it‘s only a matter of time before the Russians close the noose around them. The Spider has only one hope—to ask the British for help.

In response, a covert Special Forces Squad—The Black Widows—is launched in a clandestine extraction attempt behind Russian lines. In return, Czeslaw will be asked to contribute his special talents to a personal mission for Winston Churchill.

The Spider then confronts a Gordian knot: he must keep his promise to the Prime Minister by slicing that knot—or cut the throat of his arch-nemesis.


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