And so it Begins

Never did get those seats reserved.

Apparently, booking in advance does not give you a right to choose your seat on Air France.

“Yes, Mr. Butler, you have a valid ticket but we cannot assign you a seat until you check in.

“Why not? I have paid for two seats, and would like to sit beside my son.”

“Well, we have to keep the seating open for those who have not yet paid for a ticket.”

Translation; in order to seal the deal with last minute travelers, we reserve the right to screw with those passengers who are already in the bag.

In any event, check-in was at the Orlando Delta desk and Remy and I are on the way to Atlanta, one suitcase each in the hold below. My friend the computer sent me a last minute tease of upgrades but after we sprinted from Terminal A to Terminal F within the 43 minutes allotted connection time; there were no upgrade seats available.

Call me paranoid but the Air France computer and the Atlanta Terminal computer are related in some evil way – of this I have no doubt.

On the flight to Charles De Gaul, I was happy to give up my aisle seat to the middle seat’s charming young French lady, so I could sit beside Remy. This turned out to be ‘throwing myself under the bus’ as the charming lady had a killer cold and sneezed for 5,000 miles. All I could think was, “Better I catch the cold than Remy.” What a nightmare if he could not give 100% playing against Germany’s finest.

I would like to say we woke up in Paris – but neither of us slept for more than an hour. Anyway, I can assure you that CDG easily retains its reputation as the most F***’d up airport on the planet. Always allow yourself three days to a week to make a connecting flight when passing through CDG. We arrived at Terminal 2 and our flight to Cologne was from Terminal 2. Sounds easy ….except that CDG distributes its passengers onto buses that travel around and around and around until they decide to drop you off at your next gate.

“Hey Dad, I’ve seen that building before. I think we are going around in circles!”

So now, I am completely certain that the two related computers at Air France and Hartsfield, Atlanta have a sibling that now works at CDG.

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