A Flight too Far

Last year, our son, Remy, attended a clinic by Klaus Pabst. Klaus is a legend in German soccer…


Our family must need lots of practice before we get it right…

The Scrapbook

Sam was born in 1919, making him six years younger than my father Malcolm. Not a bad soccer player in his own right but nothing compared to his older brother.

Johnny and The Teenbeats

My sister and I grew up in Jordanstown, a sleepy village in between Belfast and Carrickfergus.


When an anniversary or birthday comes along, I get several cards from my wife. Several. All of these have to be dutifully read and the message acknowledged with a hug and a kiss. There is no short-changing this ritual; if I do not spend the pre-determined length of time reading the message, there is a sharp rebuke. “Read it.”

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