Destination Cologne

Cologne Airport is spotless – as is the entire country. No way could the triplet computers break through the Teutonic regimen — then I had a premonition. If the triplets want to have one final shot at me, it would occur at the luggage carousel.

Remy’s bag was the last bag off the plane. We were the only passengers left; two lonely, tired travelers at the carousel. Nobody left in the arrivals hall — except behind the well manned ‘missing luggage counter.’ I believe it is well manned because the Germans are used to dealing with irrational computers playing games with travelers. The Germans will not tolerate such nonsense and Frau Schmidt located my bag within seconds; it was still at CDG in Paris.

At least Remy had his cleats so we gave Frau Schmidt our hotel address and she assured us my bag would be delivered there within 24 hours or she would personally hit Ctrl/Alt/Del on each of the rogue triplets.

An electric train whisked us from The Koln/Bonn Flughaven into the main Hauptbahnhof in twenty minutes – and for $3 each….I love Germany. The ginormous, beautiful Cologne Cathedral shares a plaza with the rail station and I knew we could see the twin steeples from our hotel so Remy and I walked to the Cerano Hotel on Elisenstrasse.

“Up yours, triplets. We only had one suitcase to haul, so it was easy.”

What a wonderful city; Winter Park on steroids. Pedestrian zoned shopping areas lined with boutique shops and authentic German restaurants. The only disappointment for me; Subway, McDonalds, Claires, TJ Max, Starbucks everywhere; for Remy – not so much.

“Hey Dad, can I have a Subway?”

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