On Course

Remy, now seventeen, leaves on August 8, 2015, to play for the Taxofit Academy U-19 team in Cologne. He will be staying with a wonderful host family and training every night with games every weekend. His high school in Orlando recognized the opportunity and has negotiated with the prestigious Cologne International School for Remy to pursue IB courses that allow him to return in 2016 and graduate from Trinity Prep.

He flies Lufthansa to Frankfurt where he will transfer onto a train bound for the Cologne Hauptbahnhoff. Quite an adventure but he is a savvy kid travelling on an EU passport so we are not worried – but the “safe in Cologne” phone call will be most welcome.

Taxofit Academy is managed by Klaus Pabst, a coach recognized throughout the soccer world as a leading proponent of “The German System” that ran over the rest of the world in the 2014 World Cup.
As such, Remy will have many European coaches watching his progress in Cologne. If he gets picked up by a professional team, he has our full support; if he returns to Orlando after the experience, he will be a much sought-after college freshman.

Either way, he has worked hard at his craft and Teri and I back him 100%.

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