The Final Fandango

Book Three of The Spider Trilogy

Book three of the trilogy, The Final Fandango, will take Chez into a new landscape years after WWII, where the hunt for former Nazis continues.

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The Final Fandango

by Guy Butler

Northern Ireland becomes the focus of world media attention when two friends select Belfast as the location for The Spider Academy, a facility aimed at raising the profile of British athletics.

The publicity reaches elements of the Nazi Party who had escaped into anonymity after World War II. Risking exposure, they decide to investigate whether The Spider in Belfast is the same abhorred Polish freedom fighter that became their nemesis during the war.

The son of a high-level Nazi is entrusted to lead an undercover team to observe the men behind The Spider Academy but unforeseen complications almost derail the mission.

The Fourth Reich plans to rise again by controlling the world’s economy but the positive identification of The Spider emboldens it to commit significant financial resources to a multi-faceted mission to kill their archenemy. Murders, bombings and a ruthless kidnapping bring together strange bedfellows as warring factions in Belfast unite behind The Spider to combat a common foe.

As the tension explodes onto the international arena, The Spider risks everything upon his faith in a beautiful Irish girl with flaming red hair.

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